Social Responsibility


Socially responsible conduct is at the root of the long term strategy on sustainable development nurtured by Crownia Holdings Ltd. When making business decisions, we take into account the interests of a broader circle of participants, predominantly employees, buyers, suppliers and local communities in which we are present. Our business is based on ethical ventures, sustainable development and environmental–friendliness and also contribute to the development of an affluent society by providing a wide variety of high-quality special steel.

In addition to numerous projects and associations which we directly support, Crownia Holdings Ltd has given employment and training to the people and they have become a very important part of the company’s family.

Crownia Holdings Ltd has helped in rehabilitating a group of Deaf and Dumb workers which in turn has helped them being self-reliant and they are very effectively contributing towards the growth of the company.

We will also make positive efforts to contribute to the local community and society and to create workplaces where all the employees can prove themselves.


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