May, 8th Update on Crownia Group in Nashville Exposition


At local time 9:00 am on May, 8th,2017 in Nashville, Crownia Group started their trip in AISTECH2017.
There are 500 exhibiting companies which are from 40 different countries and regions and 700 visiting companies, attendances of which include directors, senior managers, marketers and technicians as well. Well known enterprises such as SYSTEMS, NTN, BERRY, etc. are attending.

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Crownia Group aroused much attention from all the exhibitors and visitors of steel industry, many of which showed great interest in group’s principles and development. Through on-site presentation and illustration, up to 20 companies until now indicated that they were willing to cooperate with Crownia Group. The purpose of attending this exhibition is to expand reputation and obtain more information of potential customers so as to break through one by one in future.


In the process, Crownia’s staff carried out work according to precise assignment: Ms. Lisa Huang and Ms. Xu Jun opened the conversation with professional approach; Mr. Liu Xuefeng and Ms. Athena Tang organized the communication techniques according to the position that customer’s company was in the supply chain and stated the development outlook and potentials of Crownia Group. Taking pictures, collecting name cards and company brochures, presenting website, exchanging contact details and other steps were organized reasonably and closely, which led to a remarkable result.


Customers’ response on site exceeded Crownia staff’s expectation. Many customers actively inquired about Crownia Group and even chased them to ask related questions after they left, expressed their highly interest in cooperating with Crownia Group and might plan to visit headquarters to discuss further about cooperation.

After the whole day’s work, Crownia staff were so overjoyed about customers’ response that heavy documents and tiredness due to jet leg didn’t affect their performance at all and instead they worked harder. They feel that all the work are worthy and has paid off, which affirms that Crownia Group’s outlook and development is in the right direction. Crownia staff couldn’t wait to collate the fruitful results after the work in exhibition.


After collating documents, everyone relaxed slowly from the nervous and exciting mood. All agreed to go to bed directly and cancel the dinner. They didn’t feel exhausted until the whole day work ended. After four hour sleep, they ordered food and began to organize documents while eating, and then they would discuss about strategy for tomorrow’s layout.

Report from Exhibiting Team of Crownia Group on May,9th,2017.


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