Healthy economy needs healthy steel industry to create employment and promote economic growth


There is a reason why steel is everywhere in our daily life. Steel is the remarkable partner, together with other materials driving economic growth and society development. Steel industry has built the foundation after 100 years development and will still play the equivalent important role in the next 100 years.

Important Facts:

Average steel consumption per person has increased from 0.15 tons in 2001 to 0.208 tons in 2015. Steel has made the world more prosperous.

Steel is applied in every important industry and necessary for all these industries such as energy, construction, automobile and transportation, infrastruction, package, machinery and etc..

Steel industry is the second largest only to oil and gas industry. The global sales amount of steel industry is estimated up to USD 900 billion.

By 2050, steel consumption will likely increase to 1.5 times the present level, in order to meet the increasing demand due to population growth.

Steel makes the construction of sky scrappers come true. Housing and construction are the biggest steel consumers nowadays, the consumption of which accounts for 50% of total steel output.


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