About Crownia

About Crownia

Crownia Holdings Ltd. – Supplying steel products through modern techniques and scientific standards
Crownia Holdings Ltd. is a TSX Venture Exchanged listed company (TSXV: CNH) that focuses on specialty steel business. Crownia, through its wholly owned subsidiary Jinsili International Steel Holdings, Co., Ltd., is a global specialty steel trader and distributor, which sells specialty steel products by virtue of the integration of Chinese strategic steel suppliers and global steel customers. Positioned to become a leading professional specialty steel trader in the global markets, Crownia Holdings Ltd. has recognized the significant growth potential in the global specialty steel market. The Company is currently focused on integrating specialty steel product suppliers in order to supply the most suitable products to customers.

Specialty steel refers to steel produced using special techniques, with special characteristics and purposes. Specialty steel can be categorized by shape, and includes bar steel, plates, strip steel, tube steel and wire steel. Specialty steel products, especially tool and die steel, are considered as an important part of the “modern industries” and are different from the traditional iron and steel products. Modern industries are those industries using current technology and equipment for production, such as the automotive industry, the oil and gas industry, and the molding industry. These products have both favorable metallic properties.

As a specialty steel trading company, Crownia provides value-add through identifying suitable suppliers for products that best suit customer needs, establishing distribution centers in optimal locations, and providing superior sales and after-sales services to customers.

Crownia Holdings Ltd. - Chairman
Crownia Holdings Ltd. - Chairman

Chairman's Message

Crownia Holdings Ltd. (TSX-V:CNH), listed on the TSX Venture Exchange, is an international corporation focused on the specialty steel business.

Since its inception, Crownia has positioned itself as a market pioneer committed to laying the foundation for the steel industry of the future. Crownia’s goal is to create “win-win” scenarios with its customers and partners through trust, innovation in services, and alignment of core values. For Crownia, excellence in service is a commitment shared by all employees.

In pursuit of the global market, we strive to perfect our industrial positioning, optimize asset allocation and apply modern managerial strategies to bring professional, high-quality and comprehensive services to our partners around the world.

  • Times of difficulty hold great promise and hidden opportunities;
  • Our employees never back down from a challenge;
  • We always face opportunities with confidence;
  • We press forward adamantly;
  • With every step forward, Crownia strives to become the leading equipment service provider of the future.


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